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I first became interested in the quality of my hair years ago. I started to think a lot about my childhood and how much I loved my hair more then (before my first perm).  That initiated me wanting to completely take chemicals out of my hair regimen.  Now before I could even begin to start, I had to wrap my mind around a few things. The most important one was “how do you even do that?”  Now me…I am a nerd at heart, so I researched a lot before I started the process.  I followed a lot of hair forums and read a lot of articles on everything hair. I researched texture, definition, porosity, pH balance…you name it, I was reading it. So I finally got the confidence to start the transition phase. My hair grows so fast and my permed hair was very thin. This caused my transition to be shorter than I planned. I wanted to transition for a full year before I cut my permed ends, but it lasted maybe 6 months. By the time I cut my hair (12/22/2011)  majority of the permed ends were just breaking off. This caused me to have to cut 1/2 inch of my natural hair because it was damaged.    The beginning of my T.W.A. (teeny, weenie, afro) stage was very liberating for me. I was always judged and put in a box for my long thick hair growing up, so I felt transformed in a way. Even though I was a little set back by having to cut 1/2 off, this was actually a blessing in disguise.  I learned a lot about my hair by it starting that length. I actually miss my t.w.a., but I digress.  Now that I am a little over a year natural, I have my staple products that I swear by while still being open to try something new that catches my eye.


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Oils: To seal in moisture (usually the last product I put on my hair)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Light Grape seed Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil (refined/organic)






Shampoos: Focus more on scalp than ends

Giovanni Tea Tree $8, Suave Naturals Almond & Shea Butter $2-4, V05 2-In-1 (Sham&Cond) Moisturizing $1



conditionerConditioners: Deep Condition & Co-wash

V05 Split Ends $1, V05 Moisturizing $1, Tresemme Moisture Rich $4, Aussie Moist $4, Hollywood Beauty Oilve Cholesterol (DC) $3-4, Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Creme (DC) $3-4









HD styling/gelStyling: Add’s moisture back in the hair for style (usually add first when styling)

Palmer’s Replenishing Hair Milk $5, Palmer’s Olive Oil Hair Lotion $5, MorrocanOil Intense Curl Creme $40, Softee Hair & Scalp Conditioner (Hair Grease) Castor Oil $1

Gels: Adds definition/edge control (usually add after styler/before oil)

EcoStyler Olive Oil Gel $3-4, Any aloe vera gel (no alcohol)





Spray bottles:

I have 2 spray bottles that I use for my hair. One is for oils and the other is a water refresher. In the oil bottle I have a mixture of all my oils and I spray them on my hair. The water refresher has filtered water mixed with a little extra virgin olive oil. I like to use my water refresher anytime I need a little moisture but I don’t want to drench my hair in water.

Regimen: Weekly/Monthly

Let me just start by saying first and foremost….purchase a silk bonnet asap, and if you have a silk pillowcase that would be better. Cotton is not a friend to your hair honey so leave the harsh head scarf alone. Also, your best hair tool is your fingers. Hair combs and wig brushes are okay for styling and De-tangling, but my fingers are the everyday tool for me. Now as far as my actual regimen, I only wash with shampoo once a week. I find that washing my hair with shampoo is not needed as much for my hair. I only wash more than once if I have a lot of product build up on my hair. So it varies for everyone’s hair. I deep condition only once a month. I know to some natural women, they would say that is not that much. I have seen some girls that deep condition every week or whenever they shampoo. So I think if you have the kind of hair that gets very dry after shampooing, you should maybe deep condition as well. I co-wash every 3 days. I wish I could co-wash every morning, but life and time just doesn’t permit. I co-washed more everyday when I was in my t.w.a. phase and my hair was waaaaaaayyyyyyy softer. At night, to keep my hair stretched,  I normally put them in chunky puffs all over with Ouchless ponytail holders then I put the bonnet over all of my hair. However you want to put your hair up at night is based on what’s more comfortable for you to sleep with. The main objective of doing this is to keep your hair stretched so it will not be flat and matted on your head in the morning. I could go on and on about styling, but I will have to start making video’s about styling my hair. Look forward to that  coming soon in the Hair Diaries.


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