Reaction: Power Season 5 Episode 1 “Everyone Is Implicated”

I am a supporter of the television show ‘Power’ on Starz, so it was a no brainer to review/react to this season.  I’m trying something a little different with the format of the videos for now, just to see how it goes.  The format might change, but we shall see.

This season of Power was very highly anticipated. Last season ended with Reyna being killed and Tariq killing the dirty cop that shot her.  Ghost and Tasha are adapting to the fast pace changes due to covering up for Tariq. Ghost, Tommy, and Kanon are back together (we saw this at the end of last season).  They are on a mission to get revenge on Dre.  Dre is trying to get control of his crew for the new business coming his way. Keisha is asking a lot of questions, like always.  Proctor is getting ready for court.  Angela is STILL trying to save herself.

Reyna’s funeral was staged by “Shady Politician” (Larenz Tate). The church was full of people the St. Patrick family did not know and the press.  Tasha and her mother was not feeling the atmosphere in the church. Tariq gave the eulogy. He also ran to the bathroom to warn Dre and proves how much of an idiot he is…once again. Since Tariq betrayed the family again, Dre got away.

Here is the reaction to the first episode of season 5. Hope you enjoy my commentary and banter.



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