Tina Campbell and her Christian Values

The Forehead Queen, mother of necks, Tina Campbell has made the ultimate mistake. Recently she revealed that she voted for Donald Trump. Here is the mistake, she said it was due to her “Christian” values. Now I will not waste my time with her ridiculous statement, because the mere fact that she voted for him is enough. Let me tell you what is truly her problem.

First, she has a troubled heart due to standing by a man who continuously cheats on her publicly. Tina has 5 children with a man who has cheated on her 80+ times. The recent rumor is that he has been having an affair with a man since 2000. This was revealed on a Facebook Live show with Internet Personality TS Madison and Rapper Khia called ‘The Queens Court’. The man called in to the live show and said he met her husband (Teddy) while playing in a gospel band. Tina denied these claims, of course. Clearly, her judgement is off when it comes to people. Clearly.

Second, she has a very bad attitude. You can tell she has hate in her heart. If you watch the WE TV television show that her family is on, you will see just what I mean by this. The way she interacts with her husband, family, label employees, etc. can be perceived as very mean. She is judgemental, combative, hateful, and aggressive.

Now my main question was: How can she vote for Barack Obama twice, and not for Hilary Clinton? When I thought about it I came to one conclusion; she is a African-American woman and Christian. A lot of African-American women that are christians don’t believe in women being in positions of power. It’s that simple, she didn’t vote for Hilary because she did not agree with a woman holding the most powerful position in this country.

A vote for Donald Trump….

When the time came for Donald Trump to announce that he was running for President, what was the main topic in the news, homosexuals. The biggest thing being talked about in the news at that time was transgender people and what bathroom they can use. Now although Donald Trump said before that he supports the LGBTQ community, he later changed his stand on the matter. This was mainly because his VP running mate (Mike Pence) was strongly against anything that has to do with the LGBTQ community. Where is the Christian values in any of this. Donald Trump never said anything about religion, or what his religion beliefs are for that matter. How does Tina Campbell aligned her Christian values with any of this? Nothing about Donald Trump of his administration speaks Christian to me.

Why did she vote for him? She would rather vote for a man who hates homosexuals and disrespect women before she votes for a woman to be in a position of power. Also, if the rumors are true about her husband having a homosexual affair, of course she will vote for the candidate that goes against them. Let’s not forget how African-American Christians feel about homosexuals.

In all, we will keep this woman and her family lifted in prayer. She has a troubled spirit and hateful heart.

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