T.I. and Trey Songz Collaboration Album? Do We Care?

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In a recent XXL interview T.I. said him and Trey Songz might have a album coming. The name of the album is The Lady Killers. T.I. also released in the interview that the album was supposed to happen some time ago, but it could still happen.

Now let’s talk…..

Is this an album that will really happen or is this another reason for him to go backwards? I truly think that T.I. just doesn’t want to grow up. This album with Trey Songz will only feed his need to be young, single, and have a lot of women publicly. The album probably was supposed to come out a while ago, but I think Trey Songz was advised not to do it. Think about it, who wants to put their brand on the line for T.I.?

Don’t get me wrong, T.I. is an impeccable lyricist. I must say that on the record because it is the truth. Let’s not forget that his brand is not too stable. First the content in his music when he first came out (Ex. Trap Music), then the gun charges, jail time, more jail time, the infidelity rumors, and now the divorce from the woman he has been in a relationship/marriage for a long time.

There are many things that make T.I. problematic. Thanks to his VH1 reality show, The Family Hustle, he is making the rumors turn into truths. The way he treats his wife/mother of his children is disgusting. It’s clear he doesn’t respect or value her. Mostly he treats her like he thinks she is dumb. That is the main reason I decided to stop watching this last season.

Question is: Do the people even care about T.I. and Trey Songz music anymore? Also, didn’t Ceelo Green already do a “Lady Killer” album?


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