Bill Cosby Does Not Agree With Jury Selection For Trial

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Bill Cosby is finally going to trial. The jury is being selected and there is only ONE black juror. His lawyers tried to fight the selections based on “systematic exclusion” but the judge is not having it at all. They still have to select the jury alternates, so we shall see.

My question is this, will it matter if the entire jury was black? I think he still might be found guilty. I could be wrong, but time will tell. Whomever has it out for Bill Cosby is going to make sure he pays for all of the things he did in the past. I have a feeling whoever is bringing all of these accusations to the present might be the same person that used to clean it up for Bill Cosby back in the day.

Think about it, all of a sudden when it is released that Bill Cosby will be purchasing NBC Network, all of the women start to come out in the media telling the exact same story. The details were strategically placed in every story to make people believe they ALL were telling the truth. But I digress!!!

What do you think? Did Bill Cosby commit this crime? Will he do jail time? Talk about it in the comments.


Image result for bill cosby court jury

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