Adrienne Bailon Speaks on Mo’Nique…Let’s Talk

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Adrienne Bailon, co-host of The Real, had something to say about Mo’Nique and her feud with Oprah, Tyler Perry, and Lee Daniels. We all know by now the issues Mo’Nique have with those people, she put it out there loud and clear. Well Adrienne thinks she can speak on the ordeal.

Check out the clip below and we’ll talk.

Here we go…..I guess since Adrienne is on a show named “The Real” she thinks that she can tell someone what being “Real” is supposed to be. No one can tell another person how they should express their feelings about a situation that happened to them. How dare Adrienne say how Mo’Nique should express what happened between her, Oprah, Tyler Perry, and Lee Daniels. She got some nerve!!! Chile this heffah is feeling herself too much for me. Not too long ago, you were a girl group reject, ex Kardashian girlfriend, and was somewhere begging a man to marry you. Now that you found someone to marry you, mind you a divorced man in debt, now you are the example of that “Real” is? Or maybe she is using this to get some more relevance in the entertainment industry. She trying to get the jobs that Mo’Nique will miss out on because she has burned some bridges. But…I digress!

Check out what Mo’Nique had to say in response.

@theGrio @AdrienneBailon My loves. This BABY gets a pass. She is to young to even begin to understand. However @AdrienneBailon if you would like to discuss we open.

@theGrio @AdrienneBailon @AdrienneBailon if u really want 2tell us something, my husband and I would b more than happy to come on the show, you can tell us directly.

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