Martellus Bennett Develops Children Wear

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Houston Texas native and Super Bowl champion, Martellus Bennett is adding another business under his belt. Four years ago he started ‘The Imagination Agency’ to work on his creative endeavors. Through out those four years, he has started children’s books, playgrounds, cartoons, and now he is creating children’s wear.

“For some reason as a kid being a smart athlete didn’t seem like the right thing, because you didn’t fit in. You didn’t want to be too smart because you’d be a nerd. But then you didn’t want to be too dumb either because then you didn’t get the grades you needed to play. I would try to get a B on purpose just to try to fit in with my friends. Then after a couple of years I became a bridge. I was able to bridge the gap between the chess club and the basketball team — or the library and the football team.”

Martellus is also starting to give other NFL players design advice. He stated, “I have players ring me up every day asking for a reference, design ideas, or what I think about this or that; Ty Montgomery, Michael Bennett, of course my brother Michael (Seattle Seahawks), and Marion Barber, just good guys from all over. I talk to Julian Edelman all the time about different stuff design-wise. Julian’s working on a children’s book, different videos…He always does a really good job with all his stuff. He’ll be working on different videos. He will call me up and say, ‘Hey man, can you come over and brainstorm with us?’ I’ll say, ‘Sure, I’ll be there in a second. Order pizza.’”

The children’s wear MartyLand x Mimobee will debut in July. The inspiration for the children’s wear came from when Martellus was drawing the dresses for the character “A.J.” (after his daughter Austyn Jett) in the children’s book series. His daughter loved the dress he drew and told him she wanted a dress like the character. He agreed to make her some dresses.

Due to his wife, Siggi Walker, and her e-commerce site Halfsies, he became familiar with Mimobee. He reached out to the founders to collaborate. When speaking of his style, he says  “If I had to label my style it would be called ‘rich bum. I get a lot of custom pieces made. My staple pieces are usually very strong pieces from very strong brands. Everything else just fits in where it gets in.”

In this children’s wear he will use all colors due to his love of color for children. He said, “I don’t like to do the OshKosh B’Gosh or Wal-Mart style of color where it’s pink for girls or blue for boys. I think that’s ridiculous. I just try to find something that felt very unisex, you know?” 

What do you think about Martellus Bennett starting his own children’s wear? Will you show support? Do you think it is smart for sports players to create other businesses?

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