Katy Perry SNL performance, let’s talk

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Katy Perry recently performed two singles on Saturday Night Live. She performed Bon Appetit and Swish Swish. Her behavior was questionable to say the least. Watch the performances below, then we’ll talk.




Let’s talk about it……here’s the problem: I’m sick and tired of african american culture being stripped and white washed. Take for example, Miley Cyrus. She came out with the album she made with Mike Will Made It and it was a huge success. Now years later, she makes a statement about her new music being different because she is not that person anymore. She says that she doesn’t want to do that kind of music anymore, she is going back to her roots. Really? So, rap music and twerking was good enough for you then, but now it’s not. Katy Perry is doing the same thing.

Katy Perry’s biggest competition is Taylor Swift. Ever since Taylor switched from Country to Pop, she has taken over the Pop charts. Therefore, Katy was not going to be able to release another album like Teenage Dream and dominate the charts. So what does she decide to do, the same thing Miley Cyrus did years ago. Work in the urban genre and allow YOUR counterparts to simply CALL IT pop. As soon as the dust settles, she will be back to strictly pop music. For now, she will use our urban sound and musicians (Migos / Nicki Minaj) and capitalize off of our sound more than our culture will.

I’m sick of the culture vultures!!!

Image result for katy perry snl migos

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