New Michael Jackson Biopic Coming to Lifetime (Trailer)

Lifetime is about to create another biopic that will diminish the legacy of a legend. First Britney Spears, then Whitney Houston, and then Aaliyah, now Michael Jackson. When will the madness end?

The biopic, Michael Jackson: Searching For Neverland, will be based on the 2014 book “Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days” written by his bodyguards. This Lifetime biopic will focus on the last few years of Michael Jackson’s life. He will be played by a noted impersonator, Navi. It will air on May 29th. Check out the trailer below.


Can someone explain to me why Lifetime continues to create these “biopics” that are a disgrace to the people they make them about? It’s hard to believe that they actually desire to make a biopic that will make the fans proud. Maybe they seek to create something that will make people upset. Making the fans upset creates more social media/internet buzz. That creates more views for Lifetime Network. Times are different now. There used to be a time if people did not like the product and told others, those people would not want to be a part of it. These days, the more you speak negatively on something the more interested people are in the product. Needless to say, will you watching on May 29th?

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