Solange Writes In Teen Vogue

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Solange writes a letter to her teenage self in the latest issue of Teen Vogue. Along with creative images, she gives us visuals with substance. The A Seat At The Table artist has created a profound piece of literature for her teenage self. Simply titled: A Letter To My Teenage Self. In this letter she talks to herself about understanding the phases of her teenage years and years to come. “It’s ok that you don’t know what the future holds. You will dive head first without looking into phases that you are certain of who you are,” she stated.

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Solange also discussed how words is her first love and how they play a major part in your life. “Trust in these words, even when you’re feeling wildly insecure. Hold on to your journals. Cherish them. Put them somewhere safe so that they may become a guide for you later, a revealer and a friend.” Listening to any of Solange’s music and you will understand exactly why words are important to her process. She has a very complex content level. I am actually anticipating a novel of some sort from her. That will be a great move for her on a business and creative level.

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Being a southern woman, Solange makes it very clear that her family relationships are important to her. She discussed her mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, in the letter. The impact her mother has on her is very evident in the woman she projects to the masses. Beyonce said in an interview in the past how her mother keeps her grounded and real. She told the story how when she was younger and in the group ‘Destinys Child’ she was acting like she was full of herself and her mother slapped her because she was being disrespectful. Solange wrote, “she is a wonder. you watch her drop off 3 kids at 3 different schools in the morning, pick them up in the afternoon, shuffle each of them to their designated activities, and bring them all back to the salon she owns until she closes up with the utmost grace, love, and kindness.”



Check out the full interview Here.


Image result for SOLANGE teen vogue

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