Mo’Nique Speaks On Being Blackballed “I was white balled!” (UPDATED)

(**Update: Recently Mo’Nique sat down with her husband and did a periscope live where she discussed in detail why she said the things she said about all of them. Please watch at the end.)

A few years ago, Mo’nique was riding a wave of success from her role in the Lee Daniels film “Precious” until the fame came to a stop. After winning her Oscar for that role, she disappeared. No one knew why until Lee Daniels revealed in an interview that she was blackballed by Hollywood. He explained that she did not want to “play the game” when it came to marketing and promotion of the film Precious.

Mo’nique was scheduled to attend the Cannes Film Festival to promote the film Precious and she wanted to compensated in a way that the owners of the film did not want to give her. Therefore, she decided not to attend the film festival. She explained that she did not attend because she was busy working on her Late Night Show on BET and raising her small twins. She said she wanted some time off to spend with her family.

During this time, right before the Empire premier, she revealed in an interview that Lee Daniels wanted her to play the role of ‘Cookie’ instead of Taraji P. Henson. Lee Daniels never confirmed this rumor. She never commented on being black balled until now.

“I was never black balled, I was white balled!”

She stated that she was white balled by a white dick with no balls. She went on to thank Lee Daniels, Oprah Winfrey, and Tyler Perry for that. Apparently she believes that those are the individuals that attempted to “White ball” her.

Watch what she said below.


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