Shea Moisture, This Ad is a joke!

shea moisture

Five years ago, no one really knew what Shea Moisture products were. After the Natural Hair Community made YouTube tutorials popular, they gave a lot of hair product brands exposure. 6 years ago when I started my natural hair journey, I researched and watched many YouTube videos on natural hair. After a year of research, I decided that I would learn hair products first before I purchased everything and spent a crazy amount of money. Therefore, I started with very inexpensive hair products and items that I could use to create my own hair products. (If you would like to see a list of my staple products, click here )

Thanks to the Natural Hair Community, Shea Moisture products are a household name now. How do they repay the Natural Hair Community? They create a commercial that highlights: a fair skin mixed girl, a white blonde girl, and a white red head.

“Where is the black women that made you popular? Where???!!!”

I am so glad, I did not spend any of my money on this brand. If you can recognize black women in the natural hair community on YouTube, why not on a television advertisement? They can’t put them in the commercial, but they can sponsor a natural hair video on YouTube and send them free hair products to use and get their viewers to buy. This is the problem.

Black women are being used. Brands use us for our style, fashion, and our intellect. Look around, these days everything is being stolen from African American culture; fashion, hair, style, the way we talk, and the way we dance. Everything “new” the white brands are coming out with is something old that black people have already done. For example, bantu knots, black women were wearing them YEARS ago and white society made women feel like it wasn’t “the standard” hair style.

Black women were made to feel like wearing our natural hair was not acceptable and unprofessional. Now that Natural Hair is more acceptable, there are brands like Shea Moisture that build themselves up on the Natural Hair Communities back, then got to mainstream and put white women in the commercial.

Go ahead and watch this commercial with fair skin white women complaining about how hard it is to deal with their “standard” white privileged hair. What a joke!


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