Carmelo and LaLa Anthony: The Split

Another black family is breaking up, this time it’s the Anthony’s. I’m very sad to say that rumors have been flying around for sometime now. They have not been seen together at any media event for sometime now, and now the latest rumor is that Carmelo has a child on the way with a New York stripper.


Recently, Kiyan had a school play that both parents attended. It’s great that they are keeping some normalcy for the sake of their son. Carmelo and Kiyan was seen out getting ice cream afterwards. LaLa on the other hand was seen leaving the Greenwich Hotel looking very frustrated with hoodie on that read “Famous Nobody’s”.

LaLa and Carmelo signed a prenuptial agreement back in 2010. This might be challenged by LaLa because there is the adultery claims and also Carmelo is in the middle of a $124M deal with the New York Knicks.

As of now, LaLa is staying close to friends and family during this time. I can only imagine how difficult this must be.

In this day in age, maintaining a stable marriage and family is very difficult when you are in the public eye. I hope through it all, The Anthony’s find a way to remain cohesive as a family, because even if they get a divorce, they are still a family. God bless them and their family.


anthonys 3

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