Pepsi + Kardashian = Disaster

The Kardashian squad strikes again! Anything this family touches withers and dies. This time, it’s Pepsi. Some idiot at the Pepsi advertising department decided it would be a great idea to create an advertisement/commercial with Kendall Jenner (Kardashian sister). In this commercial, there is a peace protest going on while she is doing a photo shoot on the same street. Kendall decides she is going to “save the day” and take the officer a Pepsi, and all is well.

Well….black twitter was not having it. The media world went crazy with responses and comments. After a day or two of horrible feedback, Pepsi has decided to take the advertisements down. This is an example of jumping on a bandwagon gone wrong. These corporations need to stop having the wrong people in positions of power if they want to address race issues. Out of all the celebrities they could have chosen, they get Kendall Jenner? What does she know about being in a protest? What has she experienced with race issues? How could she relate to a peace protest? Has she experienced any oppression? These are the questions I have for whatever advertisement agency that made these decisions.

Watch the commercial below.

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