Underground on WGN is back!!! Season 2 Episode 1 “Contraband”

After a looooooong year of waiting, Underground is finally back. Let us all rejoice!!!

The beginning of this Season 2 opener introduced a new character that seems to be a free slave with a family. From the small scene that was shown on this episode, the man is an artist and sculpts pieces for sale. He obviously is paying for his freedom because in the scene he went to a slave master’s house and gave him money.

Rosalee is with Harriett Tubman now and is on her quest for her family and Noah. They are running through the woods, from slave catchers, with a man (rescued slave). After Harriett chopped down a tree as a diversion, the slave catchers cornered Rosalee. Rosalee and Harriett were able to bribe them into letting them go.

The main MAIN thing that blew me away is the change in Ernestine (Stine). She is not the head ‘mistress’ of the big house anymore. She is now a field worker on a much bigger plantation that seems to be in the deeper south. Therefore, it has made Ernestine tap into some other things to cope. Her scene opens with her waking up with a man next to her, going to a medicine cabinet, getting a bottle filled with something red, pouring it onto a scarf/rag and sniffing it to get high. Now let me just say that this blew my mind. I had no idea slaves had drugs. I never even thought it was possible and I don’t know why. Ernestine’s new man is apparently getting the drugs from the overseer for the plantation. He is also dealing with being emasculated and of course that turns into him physically abusing Ernestine. Let’s put a pin in that for later….

Noah is still in jail at this time. He has been in jail for 5 months now. Mr. Hawkes (the abolitionist & Tom’s brother) is working to get him out of jail, but fails. So Rosalee and The Hawkes come up with a plan to rescue Noah. They succeed but later Noah gets captured again. But the last 10 seconds were the most shocking when Mr. Hawkes was shot in the head outside of the courthouse and killed.

I’m excited to see what will happen next week on episode 2. Hopefully we will see where Cato is and how his life is now. I also want to see more from Harriett Tubman’s character as well.

Until next week, watch my impromptu review for the first episode.

-D Southern Lady

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