The Beyhive is Buzzing! Beyonce released her 5th Studio Album via SURPRISE!

beyonce 5th studio album 4

On the late night of December 12, 2013 the loyal fan base “The Beyhive” started to get buzz about the “Creole Goddess” Beyonce releasing a new project. Little did we all know that it would be released that same night!!! I was getting ready for bed. My husband and I were doing a little pillow talk when I picked up my phone to check twitter. I saw a few retweets referring to Beyonce, but I didn’t click on any because everyone is always talking about anything that she does. Therefore, a new album was the furthest from my mind. I was thinking (like many other fans) that since Beyonce announced during the holiday that she would be extending her current world tour “The Mrs. Carter Show” through the beginning of 2014, the new album would come after the world tour was done. To our surprise she released a 15 second video on instagram announcing her 5th studio album was available for exclusive download on iTunes. She also released 17 previews of all the visuals to accompany the 14 audio tracks on her YouTube page.

I immediately picked up my laptop and downloaded the album. I was so anxious to get the album, I purchased the clean version instead of the explicit. Needless to say, I had to get the explicit version as well. Here are two videos Beyonce released giving more detail about: BEYONCE ‘The Visual Album’

Here a few previews for my top favorite visuals on the album…

If you do not already have the new album from Beyonce, please make sure to purchase on iTunes,

Or you can purchase the hard copy in your local Wal-Mart and Starbucks, as well as your local music retailers.


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