Mommy Diaries: Son gone for the summer


This is a picture of us on the day he left. Oh how I miss him so….


Although he has been gone 2 weeks now, I can just now talk about him not being here. Every summer my son goes to be with his father for the summer. It is always a big emotional adjustment for me. I have been a stay at home mom for the last year and this summer departure has to be the hardest thus far. I am so used to seeing my son all day as well as being the major key to his day. I get up every morning with him and I am the first person to greet him after school. During the day I have great talks with him and watch him play outside. Even though he is 8 years old, my son and I already have a great grounded relationship that I pride myself on as a mother. So I am having a hard time without him right now. I love that he has a strong relationship with his father so I sacrifice my time for my son to enjoy his father as well. I wish all the parents that have children away for the summer the best. Get plenty rest and peace while they are gone, don’t hesitate to call when you start to miss them, and say I love you a lot.

An emotional mommy,
Southern Belle

After my son left, he met Mark Henry (pro-wrestler) while out to dinner. He LOVES wrestling!

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