Natural Hair in Review: Coconut Oil


This has to be one of my greatest finds thus far on my natural hair journey! My oh my oh my how I love this stuff. OK let me just do the rundown before I go into my deep love for this. So, I’m in Kroger (grocery store) to get what I needed for the best beef and rice enchiladas ever (another post), and I happen to see this passing by the organic aisle. Imagine how excited I was since I couldn’t really find it at all. Now the price was $6.99. I’m not sure if that is too high or not, I just grabbed it!

Now for the ingredients:

Mechanically (expeller) pressed naturally refined organic coconut oil.
Yes that is all.

What I use it for:

Sealant, scalp moisture, deep conditioner mixes, wash and go’s, and on my body.

My feelings on the product:

I really think this will be one of my staple products for my hair. Not only is it a light oil, it gives you great shine without build-up. There is no smell to the product, so you don’t have to worry. You girls that don’t like coconut scent will love this too. I can’t wait until I really start my two-strand twists with this as the sealant, talk about excited! Hope this was a help to someone. Here is a picture of my hair in a wash and go with coconut oil ONLY.


**For this wash and go, after I washed and conditioned I simply put the hair in sections (while wet) and put a small amount on my scalp and rubbed down the hair shaft. If your sections start to dry, just spritz with cool water in a spray bottle.

Well until the next one…stay loving, laughing, and loyal.

Southern Belle Fab

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  1. ayylisha says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one praising the coconut oil wash and go. My hair is frizzy on a good day. Coconut oil is the only thing that minimize the frizz.


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